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Antifriction and Timken



Antifriction and Timken

At Antifriction, we’re proud to be an authorised distributor of Timken, a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of industrial components. With headquarters in the United States, Timken has more than 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing bearings.

Timken was founded as The Timken Roller Bearing and Axle Company in 1899, by Henry Timken, a carriage maker from St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, the manufacturer has expanded to produce all types of bearings, as well as a huge catalogue of industrial components and tools.

A full catalogue of bearings

Today, Timken offers a comprehensive range of bearings, from plain bearings to roller bearings and cylindrical bearings. Each bearing can be manufactured in a range of materials too, including low-alloy carbon-chromium, deep hardening steels and corrosion-resistant 440°C stainless steel.

Check out Timken’s website for more information on all the different types of bearings the manufacturer produces. Or if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of catalogues and information, give your nearest Antifriction branch a call. Our team of technical experts have excellent product knowledge and are always happy to answer your questions.


Power transmission parts, lubrication and more

As well as bearings, Timken also offers a multitude of machinery parts. These range from couplings and belts, to chains, augers and brakes and clutches. The manufacturer produces lubrication systems, including industrial, automotive and rail grease.

Timken makes different types of gearboxes for different purposes, including a high-speed gearbox for industrial applications and gearboxes for rotorcraft such as turbine engines and helicopter transmissions. Timken also produces maintenance equipment, such as bearing heaters, mounting accessories and lifting tools. As an authorised distributor of Timken, Antifriction can provide customers with full access to Timken’s extensive product range.

Innovative design

Timken employs an entire research and development team, dedicated to keeping innovations up-to-date and moving forward. These engineers and technical experts work on both improving current designs, whilst also looking for new opportunities in digital manufacturing and automation.

Timken has worked on a number of exciting projects, including NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The research and development team are also currently working with the EDAG Group, which is developing technology to create smart cities. That is cities with less traffic pollution, cleaner streets, gardening services and more. Antifriction is proud to be partnered with such an innovative company.

Want more information on Timken’s full product range? Feel free to call or email your local Antifriction branch. Our technical experts are always on hand to answer your questions.


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