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Antifriction Services

From the application analysis phase with the customer, through to selection of the ideal component, the Antifriction team provides customers with the technical advice required for the optimal use of the chosen product. We don't just provide a component, we offer a technical consultancy service made possible by extensive product knowledge, and an ability to assess every application.  We can suggest the most innovative solutions, providing the most complex industrial processes with continuity.

Our advice doesn't stop at the application analysis phase - it continues in the assembly and support phase if necessary, informing customers about the most suitable preventative maintenance operations for the application, thereby reducing operational costs and the number of plant stoppages.

We also offer a range of support services to our customers including :

  • On-site training
  • Survey & report on problem applications
  • Large bearing refurbishment
  • Engineering assistance for complicated installations
  • Condition monitoring solutions
  • Inventory provision management
  • Energy survey report
  • Condition monitoring solutions

SSG Insight and Antifriction Components join forces to improve manufacturing efficiency of industrial plant machinery to drive costs down and increase profitability.

The SSG Agility software informs on repetitive problems, Antifriction detects if superior quality components or updated application design will drive improved performance and reduce downtime.

The industry-leading workflow and asset management system, specialised by industry and further complemented by four key software enhancements, is designed to provide specific user functionality based on your needs.