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Hydraulic & Gear Oils

We provide a range of lubricants that will help boost performance, maximizing efficiency and lifespan.

Lubricating greases are the ideal choice when you want to provide long-term protection for friction points. Along with excellent lubrication, they provide effective protection against external factors such as water spray, humidity and contaminants, depending on the operating conditions. Lubricating oils are high-performance substances that reduce mechanical friction and wear when used in suitable composition, similar to lubricating greases.

Benefits of oil lubrication:

  • Minimisation of friction and wear: lubricating oils form a stable fluid film that protects the surfaces of friction bodies.
  • Removal of heat (cooling): the correct lubricating oil can easily remove the friction heat occurring in the operation of your machines. An effective lubricating oil has only a slight tendency to decomposition under thermal load, allowing sustained action.
  • Effective lubrication of poorly accessible points: lubricating oils have good flow characteristics (viscosity). This means they can also reach poorly accessible lubrication points, for example in chains.
  • Advantageous behaviour with residues: a special feature of effective lubricating oils is that they can dissolve contaminants resulting from high temperatures and heavy loads. Lubricating oils with a low inherent tendency to residue formation are optimal in such cases.

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