Bianchi Industrial and Timken

With over 100 years' experience in bearings, our brand partner Timken knows the right maintenance procedures to maximise the lifetime of components and equipment. The high quality provided with Timken's maintenance products therefore means fewer machine stoppages and reduced operating costs. The range of maintenance tools available lets our customers manage friction, and helps business operations to proceed smoothly.

The company’s induction heaters are designed to help you increase the lifetime of the bearings in your applications, thanks to appropriate installation, dismantling and maintenance procedures. Timken has been providing the industrial market with quality products for over 100 years. Induction heaters are produced according to the same quality standards that can be expected of Timken® bearings.

In addition to the before and after-sales service, when you buy from us you have the guarantee of receiving an original component. Bianchi Industrial guarantees the origin of components coming from its distribution network with the Bianchi Original Components mark on packaging.

Bianchi Industrial also provides a qualified consultancy service, with specialist technicians who have the expertise to suggest the most innovative solutions, thanks to in-depth knowledge of products and the ability to assess every single application.