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Genuine, high quality items

World-leading manufacturer Klüber is one of Antifriction’s trusted lubrication partners. Antifriction is an authorised distributor of Klüber’s innovative, specialty lubrication products, meaning when you source from us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive genuine, high-quality items.

Established by Theodore Klüber back in 1929, Klüber started life in the midst of the petrol car boom, supplying oil to vehicle owners in Germany. Less than a decade later in 1938, Theodore opened the company’s first mineral oil processing plant, to begin developing and producing specialist lubricants. Since then, Klüber has gone on to develop more than 2,000 products for distribution all around the world. The company employs more than 2,500 people worldwide and has its own research and development centre in Munich.

Trusted industrial lubricants

With almost 100 years worth of experience in the industry, Klüber is an established and trusted lubrication manufacturer. Klüber produces a wide array of lubrication products from oils and greases to pastes and waxes and even sprays. As an authorised distributor of Klüber’s products, Antifriction can provide customers access to the manufacturer's full range of lubricants.

As well as a full range of lubricant oils and greases, Klüber also offers automatic lubricant dispensers. The Klübermatic range of automatic lubricant dispensers are designed to help customers avoid downtime caused by lubrication outages. Klüber’s automatic lubrication dispensers can be used for a long list of applications, including roller bearings, sliding bearings, linear guides, open gears, chains and more.

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Specialist industry solutions

Klüber has also provided specialist lubricants for many different industries, including the automotive industry, glass manufacturers, the mining industry and the railway industry.

On top of offering a number of specialist lubrication solutions for numerous components used in different industries, Klüber also offers services to help monitor equipment performance. These services include evaluating energy efficiency, lubricant condition and inspecting components.

Customer-focused innovation

Klüber is continually looking to develop its lubrication products to fit customers’ needs. In fact, the manufacturer even has its very own research and development centre in Munich. Having supplied lubricants for nearly a century, the company recognises that customers working in different industries will have varying needs. For example, the needs of a textile manufacturer will be vastly different to a wood processing plant. In 2018 Klüber even developed a water-based lubricant for hydropower applications.

If you have a piece of equipment that needs lubricating and you’re not sure what product to use, why not give your nearest Antifriction branch a call. Chances are we can provide a Klüber lubricant to suit your needs!


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