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LOCTITE 4090. Two adhesives join together

The speed and strength of a hybrid adhesive.

LOCTITE 4090 adhesive is an innovative hybrid that combines the bond strength and speed you need to solve your design and assembly challenges. With the speed of an instant adhesive and the strength of a structural adhesive, LOCTITE 4090 delivers both performance and versatility.
This powerful combination provides high impact resistance, high strength adhesion on a variety of substrates, as well as high temperature resistance - making LOCTITE 4090 the ideal bonding companion. LOCTITE 4090 opens the door to new applications and new solutions.

  • Strength of a structural adhesive
  • Speed of an instant adhesive
  • High impact and vibration resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Fast fixture times even at low temperatures (5°C)
  • Gap filling up to 5mm
  • Low blooming
  • Good UV resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates, including metals, most plastics and rubbers
  • Optimized packaging and longer open times for larger surface

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