True global pioneers in gear & hydraulic oil

Antifriction are delighted to offer fluid technology solutions from global industry giant Petronas with continuous research and development of fluid technology solutions they continue to design and deliver premium quality lubrication products.

Antifriction are confident by partnering Petronas as their UK industrial distributor, we are not only presenting our customers with more yet more choice but a range of the highest quality products available.

Hydraulic Fluids
Petronas Hydraulic Series
Petronas Hydraulic HV Series
Petronas Hydraulic HVZF Series
Petronas Hydraulic ZF Series
Petronas Hydraulic ESF Series
Petronas Hydraulic HLPD Series
Gear Oils
Petronas Gear MEP Series
Petronas Gear SYN PAO Series
Petronas Geara SYN PAG Series
Petronas Gear FL Series

Slideway Oils
Petronas Slideway Series
Petronas Slideway HG Series

Petronas Lubrication Oils

The Petronas transformation journey from domestic based national oil company into a fully integrated oil and gas multinational corporation has seen many significant milestones charted. Drawing from their broad expertise in fuels, lubricants and functional fluids, their product offerings are state-of-the-art. With a highly successful track record in motor sport, they offer not only a wide product range but are constantly striving to bring industry the right products efficiently and can provide tailored solutions to specific requirements and business objectives.

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