Tsubaki Warehouses

Tsubaki offers a variety of long-lasting chain solutions for warehouses, distribution centres and materials handling facilities.

In this environment reliability and low maintenance in power transmission components such as roller chain are very important. Large, automated warehouses can have many kilometres of chain on site, often with just a handful of operational and maintenance staff to call on in the event of failure. The cheapest components at the point of purchase often prove to be more expensive in the long-run; when compared to high quality alternatives.

In the warehousing and logistics sector the predominant type of chain employed is BS specification chain.

Low cost chain solutions can suffer from chain elongation after a short period of operation caused by the constant sliding friction which occurs between the pin and the bush. Once chain starts to elongate it necessitates regular adjustment and frequent downtime is inevitable as links require replacement.

Tsubaki is well known throughout the industry for producing chain which is proven to last longer in almost any environment than its competitors. Its BS GT4 Winner has been designed to retain lubrication at the point of contact between the pin and the bush which reduces the need for scheduled servicing. Alternatively, once installed Tsubaki´s 5th generation Lambda Lube Free roller chain requires no external lubrication whatsoever. Tsubaki also offers BS RF series flat side plate chain which provides users which is suited for use in basic conveying applications, such as pallet conveying. Tsubaki sales engineers can recommend the most suitable chain type for individual applications taking into account special requirements – such as low-noise, corrosion resistance and hygiene.

Tsubaki can further facilitate the materials handling industry with its unparalleled number of attachment chain variations. The range is in a continued state of evolution thanks to regular R&D investment and offers a readymade solution to suit almost any application. Attachments are available to convey, push, pull, lift and carry products of any type in almost any environment. Free flow chain is also available to allow for product grouping, a vital requirement in many warehouse environments.

Tsubaki is able to offer fast delivery on most attachment chain products by sorting the range into three complementary categories: Stock items, ‘build-to-order’ and ‘made-to-order’. The three categories are well documented in separate catalogues which are available to order from a member of the sales team or download from http://tsubaki.eu.