Camozzi Air Preparation FRL Set with Shut-Off Valve, Bracket & Gauge

Air Preparation is the single most important part of a pneumatic ring main. In a basic pneumatic ring main Air Preparation products are used to prepare the air. The air used must be cleaned, filtered, regulated and potentially even lubricated before it is channeled into the system. To do this in the most basic form we use a filter, regulator & lubricator assembly which is more commonly know as an FRL.
Without proper air preparation and regular maintenance all other pneumatic components in the system will fail.
Critical in Health & Safety protocols.

  • Removes contaminants from the air to increase service life of other components
  • Controls pressure in the circuit for enhances operation
  • Lubricator ensures components operate with reduced resistance to increase service life further
  • Isolate the air supply (lockable) for added safety


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