PowerGrip GT4



Our current range already includes a wide range of PU sold by the meter with black as the standard colour.

In addition, we are now offering a range of white goods by the meter with T profiles in line with the market, AT and HTD. We follow our high quality standard for the white version with the same performance values ​​as our black products. The roll goods are offered as stock items in lengths of 30 m and 100 m.

Compact drive design

High dynamic stability and flexibility allows the use of small pulley diameters, low centre distances, and belt-back idlers. This enables a lightweight, low-cost drive setup with less space requirement.

No maintenance

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE belts are maintenancefree; no lubrication or retensioning is required. Constant belt tension is guaranteed by the use of a high-strength steel-cord tension member.

High efficiency

The superb flexural properties of the synchronous drive belt as well as the exact dimensional mating of the belt and pulley tooth co

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE belts are resistant to

  •  wear 
  • oil and grease
  • petrol and benzene
  • hydrolysis
  • UV and ozone
  • temperatures ranging from –30 °C to 80 °C (for operational temperatures outside –10 °C to 50 °C please seek advice from our technical experts)
  • can be bonded to thermoplastics
  • antistatic in accordance with ISO 9563 (design with PAZ)