PowerGrip GT4


FESTO PUN-H Transparent Colour Tubing

Tubing PUN-H and push-in fitting QS are the perfect combination for many applications. They ensure the optimal, trouble-free operation of your systems at all times, are resistant to hydrolysis and can be used in environments with high moisture levels.

Festo PUN-H Transparent Colour Tubing

Reliable compressed air supply

Tubing PUN-H is suitable for standard applications and in wet areas, or when in contact with water at up to 50°C. Thanks to the use of a modified material it won't crack through hydrolysis.

Highly versatile

Not only is the kink-resistant PUN-H easy to install, its resistance to hydrolysis and microbes makes it perfect for use in the food industry*. In addition, the black version is UV-resistant and can thus be used outdoors.

Short installation time thanks to proven plug and work

Connecting and releasing is made really simple by the push-in fittings QS in the standard Festo quality with the proven sealing and release principle.

Transparency for greater safety

The transparent versions make it easy to detect particles, moisture and oil in the tubing. This provides an easy and effective way of monitoring the condition of any potential risks to your system.