PowerGrip GT4


Durable Tsubaki sprockets offer optimum chain performance

Chain driven systems depend on the interaction between chain and sprocket for efficiency. Tsubaki, a leading supplier of power transmission components, fully understands the positive effects of quality sprockets on a system. Consequently, Tsubaki delivers durable sprockets to customers to fit any requirement, time scale and application. 
Features and benefits of Tsubaki's sprocket range include:
  • Simplex and duplex (BS and ANSI) with pilot and taper bores in stock
  • Carbon steel with induction hardened teeth to minimise wear
  • Stainless steel for hygienic and corrosive applications
  • Supplied in box with rust preventative packaging
  • Metric taper lock bushes in stock
  • Rework service in short lead time for custom bores and features

All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied by Tsubaki as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised.

As a leading manufacturer of power transmission components Tsubaki understands that the physical interaction between chain and sprocket can have a profound effect on the performance of the entire drive system.

All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised. For food grade applications, or applications where corrosion may be a risk, stainless steel designs are also available.

Please see the table below for an overview of Tsubaki's stock sprocket range.

    Carbon steel Carbon steel taper bore Stainless steel
DIN8187 Simplex
DIN8187 Duplex
ANSI Simplex    

The quality of the material design and the precision machining of the sprockets allows them to resist abrasion and withstand shockloading. In turn this reduces unplanned downtime, which increases productivity and lowers the overall maintenance and replacement costs of the system over time; leading to a greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Tsubakimoto Europe holds a vast range of the standard sprockets in its warehouse facilities in the Netherlands and the UK. This ensures that customers from any industry with any size requirement can benefit from high quality product with fast delivery schedules. To make the handling and storage of the sprockets more efficient, they are delivered in Tsubaki boxes (protected with a layer of rust preventative oil) with bar coding for easy identification.

The carbon steel sprockets are available in DIN8187 standard, in both simplex and duplex, as well as in ANSI standard simplex; all of which have a standard pilot bore. The stainless steel sprockets are in accordance with DIN8187, simplex. There is also a range of carbon steel taper bore sprockets available in DIN8187, in both simplex and duplex; and a series of metric size taper bushes.