Antifriction understand the importance of the products and services we supply to UK industry, we are following advice from the UK Government and the World Health Organisation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation and impliment and changes required to ensure we support UK industry. Below are some of the changes we have been making :

  • Made face masks available free of charge to staff with no restrictions
  • Encouraged all staff to have vaccines also allowed them time off to keep appointments
  • Asked all staff to utilise the NSH Covid App
  • We've made hand sanitiser available to all employees in an unrestrictive way, including in vehicles
  • We've switched our trase counters to cash less systems with contactless payment
  • We have switched to on-line meetings where that makes sense and invested in the technology to facilitate this
  • We have allowed staff to work from home when they feel ill
  • We've deployed sneeze screens widely in branches
  • We have ensured there's at least 2mtrs between workstations
  • Increased the clearing regime in our buildings
  • We've asked our staff not to attend work with unconfirmed cases of "head colds"
  • We've made lateral flow tests available internally in a unrestricted way
  • We've changed our absenteeism policy to encourage staff to make the right choices
  • We have a clear plan in the event of an outbreak
  • We have protocols ourselves around visitors to our sites
  • We insist on specific testing requirements prior to large internal meetings